Santa Teresa

Sitting on the western edge of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is a tiny beach village that draws in a lot of surfers and beach bodies.

Santa Teresa has a special place with me among all my travels. Not only was it an amazing trip with 15 of my closest family members but, it was also the spark that made me realize coordinating complicated travel was something I was fully capable of and also enjoyed!

For starters my family is spread out across the US so booking flights and working with everyones varying schedules was a task on its own. And, once we landed there was the task of actually getting to Santa Teresa. This meant taking a shuttle bus through windy, dirt roads for an hour and half to then get on a ferry to get over to the peninsula. Another hurdle was finding lodging for a group as big as ours in this tiny beach town that typically attracts the nomadic surfer looking for empty surf breaks. I found a lovely house that accommodated all of us very nicely, not to mention I coordinated with some locals to get catered food all of us while we were there.

This place is literally a paradise, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get away to a secluded beach for some rest and relaxation. Just about anywhere on the peninsula you are walking distance from the ocean to the west, and the rainforest to the east, the best of both worlds. We would wake up to howler monkeys and ride wild horses on the beach. No joke, there was locals that you could pay to catch one of the horses on the beach and they would put a saddle on them and off you go for an unforgettable beach horse ride. And when we got tired of the beach, I set up ATV rentals to ride into the rainforest and end up in Montezuma about 45 minutes away.